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It’s not just a slogan it is our commitment. At Sajo’s our mission is to provide the highest quality, Mediterranean cuisine with exceptional customer service, in a relaxed contemporary atmosphere, at a reasonable price. From every detail down to the last place setting, we break the mold for quality and service. Offering our customers the ability to create lasting memories for their family, friends, and for themselves.

jimandwifeAfter Ten Years of opening and selling several restaurants on the west side. Jim Sage opened his first Sajo’s Restaurant in Roseville, Michigan. By taking over an existing Mr. Steak, Sage renovated the building and was involved in each aspect from planning to construction. He demanded that everyone keep the customer in mind. Sajo’s of Roseville opened in 1991 and became a success on the East Side of Michigan. Three years later and a little more remodeling he added on the bar and Banquet Facility. Taking pride in his establishment Jim maintained and remodeled Sajo’s of Roseville over the years. While enjoying the success of the Roseville Sajos, Jim ventured in real estate and acquired the plaza in Clinton Twp, Michigan. (The home of his newest adventure) After being a landlord to several failing restaurants, Jim decided to open another Sajo’s. He renovated the space adding on three banquet suites and opened Sajo’s of Clinton August 2004. Bringing House Specialty dishes like Pecan Chicken and Famous Ribs, the Clinton Twp Sajo’s took off to an immediate success. Jim has recently decided to solely concentrate his efforts on his Clinton Twp. location. When you chose to dine at Sajo’s in Clinton Twp., you are guaranteed to receive the best service, great food in a clean contemporary atmosphere.

Sajo’s Commitment to Quality

We hope our pledge to be the best is evident in everything at Sajo’s. We strive to hire talented dedicated employees. Choose the highest quality ingredients and maintain a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere. We do it all with a sense of responsibility and pride in being Michigan’s favorite eastside restaurant.

Sajo’s Commitment to Service

When Jim Sage first embarked into the restaurant business, he gave his staff a simple instruction: “Treat my guests as if they were dining at your own home table and then make it better.”

That advice has worn well over the years, and gracefully evolved into a sophisticated, casual elegance style of service. Our staff receives hours of specialized training. The curriculum covers proper food-handling techniques, menu information, wine education, table etiquette, and even personal ethics. We know our guests appreciate the effort and it reflects in our overall customer experience. Many of the things we do behind the scenes are not required by law or even suggested by the industry. We do them because our founder said years ago it was simply the right thing to do, to treat people well. “Being ethical,” Sage knew, “means doing the right thing for the guest even when the guest won’t see or know the difference.”